Boca Sombrero Accommodations

Boca Sombrero and its magnificent 20-acre property immediately lured Ewa and I with its lush jungle setting and tranquil vibe.

Here are the types of accommodation where you will be able to stay during the Blue Wave Yoga Retreat.

Boca Sombrero Accommodations

There are three bigger houses total and eight smaller bungalows. Note that the  pool that is in front of Casa Playa Sombrero will be accessible to everyone! Scroll below for rates and descriptions.


Thatched-Roof Tent Platforms

The eight thatched-roof tent platforms are especially designed for comfort in a tropical climate. The thatched roof will keep you dry and cool, while a transparent material along the roof-line lets in light. The platforms are outfitted with beautiful, screened Moroccan-style tents whose special fabric allows for ventilation. Each bungalow has a cozy porch for relaxing and a private, open-air shower adjacent. Shared bathroom facilities are nearby and conveniently located. This option is great for you if you’re on the adventure and wanting to save.






tent-platforms at night Boca Sombrero
The moroccan style tent from the inside at night. Super cute!

Casa Playa Sombrero

Casa Playa Sombrero  provides both ocean and lush mountain views. The upstairs room provides two netted, king-sized beds and a balcony with a spectacular view of the Golfo Dulce and has beautiful hardwood floor.  Downstairs has a cozy living space, bathroom and a detached kitchen equipped with professional appliances. Both the living area and kitchen open up to the spacious swimming pool, deck and lounge area. The pool has both deep and shallow areas – perfect for relaxing or swimming.

boca-sombrero Pool picture


Casa Rio Sombrero

Casa Rio Sombrero is custom-finished with fine hardwoods, an open floor plan and a beautiful thatched roof. Upstairs the house has two bedrooms containing king-sized, netted beds. Downstairs, there is a central, open kitchen designed for gathering at the bar. It is also equipped with modern appliances. There is a comfortable dining area and an artfully designed bathroom, detached from the main structure for privacy. The bathroom area includes a covered dipping pool – a refreshing escape from the midday sun.



Casa Troya

Casa Troya reflects the typical home design of the Osa Peninsula with its half-height walls and natural, local building materials. It has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom downstairs and a loft partitioned into two bedrooms upstairs. The overall aesthetic of this home evokes a sense of movement as the lines of the structure resemble a wave, ship or an animal, depending on one’s perspective.



The Rest of The Property

The houses and tent platforms are just steps away from Playa Sombrero and then the fourth house on the property is the Casa Grande, a spacious home where we gather to enjoy meals. Here our professional kitchen crew prepares and serves delicious food in beautiful surroundings. Casa Grande also offers a comfortable and stylish lounge area for just hanging out and free-wifi is provided.

The yoga deck is a 9- by 13-yard hardwood platform built with bamboo and a thatched roof. It sits in front of the beach and comfortably accommodates 30 people.

Another favorite part of the property is the surf watching station, a little jungle chill area right in front of the beach from where you can take a break between surf sessions or just watch others shred the waves!

Boca Sombrero Yoga Deck Costa Rica jungle


*All rates apply to the whole week (7days)

The listed price for the retreat of $975 is for a shared thatched platform tent, so it would be you and one other person that you can either choose or we pair you up with.

“But If I want my own tent-you might ask?

Just add $475 to the  $975 for a total of $1450 to enjoy your own little yoga loft in complete privacy.


If you want to pamper yourself and stay in a house, the house rates are as follows (rates are the same for all three houses)

A)  $2,000 each for 2 people (You pay $975 + an added $1025)

B)  $1,350 each for 3 or more people (You pay $975 + $380)

Whether you choose to stay in the little bungalows or one of the houses, your Costa Rica jungle experience will fabulous, it’s guaranteed! 🙂

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